Day One: The Beginning.

So, I’ve decided to start an online blog/journal of my personal journey to awesomeness. It’s been a long and windy road for me. I am learning to start life over on my own, as well as truly love myself again. Anyway, my blog will be about life, food, love, and all the whirlwinds in between.

I decided to start today, because I am on this journey to pure well being. I even started doing the Master Cleanse today. Haha. After sitting around holding my quart of salt water flush, and trying to drink that for an hour;  I decided this isn’t going to be for nothing! FTW! How can people do this. It’s been about twenty minutes since I’ve drank it and I am stuck here with this disgusted/nauseous look on my face. It’s like an overall tension has built up around my forehead. My mouth doesn’t want to even turn to create a smile. This sucksss. haha. And this is only DAY ONE of my journey. There have been a lot of day one’s for me. But this will be the ONE. I can already tell. Maybe i’m already hallucinating from this cleanse. Hah.

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